Vice Chancellor

Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Hussain

It is a matter of great honor for me that I have been appointed as the Vice Chancellor of University of Engineering & Technology, (UET) Peshawar. I feel proud to head an institution, which is my alma mater and one of the leading engineering universities of Pakistan. The academic session is in full swing and the examination of the first semester have already been conducted. With over 100 Ph.D. faculty members, the University is on a steep rise of success. The University is proud to offer quality engineering education to the students from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at their doorsteps. With a network of campuses in Peshawar, Mardan, Kohat, Abbottabad, Bannu and now Jalozai, UET Peshawar is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories.
I believe this is the time to streamline academic and administrative affairs at UET Peshawar and improve its ranking through research and academic contributions. As Vice chancellor, I have set my priorities including value-addition in engineering education and enhancing solution-oriented research. I strongly believe this would be done with the support of faculty, administration and especially students. I assure that you will find me as a leader and team member. My doors are open to suggestions for rectification and improvement of the system.
I am enthused to note that our faculty is focused on research and development. I hope students, who are the real asset of this university will show enthusiasm under the supervision of faculty to contribute towards development of Pakistan through innovative and practical research projects. Through my concerted efforts, with the support of faculty and administration, we will make UET Peshawar a role model educational institution for students and researchers in Pakistan.
I urge everyone particularly, students to consider this University as home, and contribute towards its positive image building.
Thank you and God bless you all!.