Jalozai Campus

Established on Pabbi-Cherat Road at 11 KM Southwards from GT Road in district Nowshera. Total area of the campus is 402 acres and the total covered area is approximately 1,021,233 sq. ft. with live-in strength of 3,240 students in eight departments. Four undergraduate programmes i.e civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering have been started.

5 Undergrade Programs are offered in UET Jalozai Campus


The courses of study leading to the Degree of B.Sc. Civil Engineering have been planned to offer a broad spectrum of civil engineering subjects. The curriculum lays emphasis on subjects of structures, irrigation, geotechnical , transportation engineering, environmental engineering and hydraulics. These courses include laboratory and design work.

The prescribed syllabi and examination standards compare favorably with the standard of under-graduate work developed in U.K, USA and Canada.

In addition to course work, the final year students are required to work on project under the guidance of senior faculty members. Study tours and extension lectures are also arranged during the session for the benefit of the students. Second year or third year students during their summer break and final year students after passing the final examination in civil engineering may work with some recognized organizations, registered with PEC or government department or semi government department to acquire practical training of 800 hours for award of degree.


Electrical Engineering programme at Jalozai Campus is designed to prepare the students for career in industry and business by providing them with through foundation of the fundamental concepts at undergraduate level while students learn specialized tools about the contemporary electrical engineering during their postgraduate studies.

The faculty is dedicated to continue innovation through its programme of academic interaction with the industry and research activities.


The knowledge of mechanical engineering is used to build useful products and devices for society. This can range from a device as small as a catheter injected into the human body, to a fax machine or printer, to a modern jet engine, to as large as a power plant for a major city.

Mechanical engineering encompasses the generation, conversion, transmission, and utilization of mechanical and thermal energy. This includes design, construct ion, and operation of all kinds of mechanical and thermal devices and systems. Of all the engineering disciplines, Mechanical Engineering offers the greatest breadth, flexibility, and individuality. Indeed, Mechanical Engineering education is an ideal preparation for working and living in a technological world.


Industrial Engineering is a discipline which can contribute a lot towards the optimization and integration of resources, streamlining of processes, eliminating waste, meeting targets and improving quality. With such a powerful combination of various
engineering elements coupled with strong management sciences, it was inevitable to launch an Industrial Engineering (IE) discipline at University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Peshawar, Jalozai Campus to produce proper knowledgeable and skilled people for our manufacturing and service sectors.

The UET Peshawar, Jalozai Campus launched the IE program in September 2015. Our curricula both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels are rich in contents covering manufacturing, optimization, quality, ergonomics and management. Working engineers from other engineering disciplines also opt for industrial engineering because their nature of jobs highly demand for industrial engineering knowledge. Our graduates are
successfully serving both in national and multinational organizations.


The Department of Computer Science & Information Technology offers undergraduate courses leading to the award of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. It owes its emergence to the relentlessly growing demand of professionals with expertise in areas of computers, communications and information processing technologies.

The Department of CS & IT enjoys full support of the engineering departments. Students work in laboratories equipped with state-of-art computer systems running a wide range of applications and specialized software supporting the courses. The department strongly supports the idea of using modern audio visual aids to enhance the learning capabilities of students and provides them a stimulating and challenging environment essential for high quality education. The graduates of this department will be able to meet the highest standards of training for  leadership in computer science and information technology and to capitalize on the huge IT market of the 21st century.

The  Department of Computer Science & Information Technology is concerned with the theory, design, development and application of computer science and information processing techniques.