Kohat Campus

The administrative and management control of Engineering Academic Programmes of Kohat University of Science and Technology (KUST) was handed over to UET, Peshawar on April 3, 2012. At present, UET Kohat Campus is offering B.Sc. electrical engineering in leased premises, providing all necessary facilities to the students.

One B.Sc Program is offered in UET, Kohat.

Electrical (Communication) Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering at Kohat Campus is aimed to prepare young Engineers who are fluent with state of the art knowledge in the field of Electrical Engineering. The academic program is designed to build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of Electrical Engineering alongwith specialized courses to cover the breadth of the ever expanding realm of Electrical Engineering in the field of communication stream.

The faculty of the Department is highly qualified and is involved in active research, both locally and in collaboration with national and international research organizations . We are committed to transform our students into leaders in innovation and technology who can manage and shape the industry and businesses of today and tomorrow.



The department has well-equipped laboratories in the following areas:

  • Electronics Laboratory
  • Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Machine Laboratory
  • Digital Logic Design Laboratory
  • Microprocessor Based System Design Laboratory
  • Communication Systems Laboratory
  • Workshop Technology Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Control System Laboratory
  • DSP & FPGA Laboratory


Dr . M. Irfan Khattak Ph.D. (UK)


Dr . Yousaf Khan Ph.D. (China)

Associate Professors

Dr . M. Irfan Khattak Ph.D. (UK)

Dr . Yousaf Khan Ph.D. (China)

Assistant Professors

Engr . Nadeem Ahmad M.Sc. (China)
Engr . Iftikhar Ahmad Afridi M.Sc. (UK)


Engr . Atif Jan
Engr . Fazal-e-Wahab M.Sc. (Pak)
Engr . M. Ismail Afridi M.Sc. (Pak)
Engr . Muhammad Farhan M.Sc. (Pak)
Engr . Zahid Zaman M.Sc. (Pak)
Engr . Muhammad Rizwan M.Sc. (Pak)
Engr . Irshad Ullah M.Sc. (Pak)
Engr . Abdul Basit M.Sc. (Pak)

Lab Engineers

Engr . Sara Islam
Engr . Irshad Khan M.Sc. (Pak)
Engr . Muhammad Anab B.Sc. (Pak)
Engr. Mushtaq A. Khan Khattak B.Sc. (Pak)
Engr . Waqar Hussain B.Sc. (Pak)
Engr . Rohail Khan B.Sc. (Pak)