Dr. Misbah Ullah (Associate Professor)

University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar, is a premier institution of higher learning in the field of engineering sciences. Starting as a College in 1952, with an initial enrollment of only twenty students, today it boasts sixteen departments, covering an entire spectrum of engineering disciplines, from the traditional, such as electrical and mechanical, to the cutting-edge technologies such as electronics, mechatronics, and industrial engineering. To-date, more than eight thousand students that graduated are serving the needs of Pakistan, and many have achieved high positions of responsibility and excellence in their chosen fields.

Besides bachelors degree courses, there is a robust post-graduate programme, where scholars are engaged in rigorous training and research leading to Master’s and Ph.D degrees. UET also has a strong out-reach programme, under which academic linkages with the world class universities of UK, Canada, USA, Malaysia and Thailand offering invaluable training to faculty and students, through split programmes, joint research and faculty exchanges.