B.Sc Engg Programmes

Open Merit Programmes:
1. Agricultural Engineering (Peshawar)
2. Chemical Engineering (Peshawar)
3. Civil Engineering (Peshawar, Bannu, Jalozai)
4. Electrical Engineering Communication (Peshawar, Bannu, Jalozai)
5. Electrical Engineering (Power) Peshawar
6. Mining Engineering (Peshawar)
7. Mechanical Engineering (Peshawar, Jalozai)
8. Industrial Engineering (Jalozai)

9. Mechatronics Engineering (Peshawar)
10. Computer Systems Engineering (Peshawar)
11. Electronics Engineering (Abbottabad)
12. Industrial Engineering (Peshawar)
13. Electrical Engineering (Communication) Kohat

Non-Subsidized Scheme Programmes:
1. Chemical Engineering (Peshawar)
2. Civil Engineering (Peshawar, Bannu, Jalozai)
3. Electrical Engineering Communication (Peshawar, Bannu, Jalozai)
4. Electrical Engineering (Power) Peshawar
5. Mechanical Engineering (Peshawar, Jalozai)
6. Mechatronics Engineering (Peshawar)
7. Computer Systems Engineering (Peshawar)
8. Industrial Engineering (Peshawar)

9. Energy Engineering (Peshawar)


Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering is the branch of Engineering that utilizes the engineering principles, materials and forces of nature for the benefit of agriculture and resultantly in the best interest of humanity.


CHEMICAL Engineering

Chemical Engineering is the branch of engineering, which blends the knowledge of basic sciences with engineering to develop, design, analyze and engineer the industrial processes and plants that turn raw materials into valuable products. 


CIVIL Engineering

The courses of study leading to the Degree of B.Sc. civil engineering have been planned to offer a broad spectrum of civil engineering subjects.

  1. Civil Engg., Main Campus Peshawar
  2. Civil Engg., Bannu Campus
  3. Civil Engg., Jalozai Campus



Computer Systems Engineering is a unique blend of selected fields from electrical engineering, computer  sciences and mathematics required to design and develop computer systems.


ELECTRICAL Engineering

The Department offers a rigorous four year degree programme, based on applied mathematics, electronics (analog and digital) and Communications along with Power Engineering subjects.

  1. Electrical Power., Peshawar and Mardan
  2. Electrical Communication, Peshawar, Mardan, Jalozai, Bannu and Kohat Campuses


INDUSTRIAL Engineering

Industrial Engineering is a discipline which can contribute a lot towards the optimization and integration of resources, streamlining of processes, eliminating waste, meeting targets and improving quality.

  1. Industrial Engg., Peshawar 
  2. Industrial Engg., Jalozai Campus


MECHANICAL Engineering

Mechanical engineering encompasses the generation, conversion, transmission, and utilization of mechanical and thermal energy.

  1. Mechanical Engg., Peshawar
  2. Mechanical Engg., Jalozai Campus



Mechatronics Engineering is a relatively new but very exciting field that combines knowledge from the disciplines of Mechanical, Electronic and Computer Engineering.


MINING Engineering

Mining Engineering is one of the most progressive industries today based on its reliance on the state-of-the-art technology for the provision of basic raw materials to other industries.



It is one of the fast growing disciplines having its applications in almost every field which include high speed data communication, automatic power system control devices, aerospace technology, computer hardware, industrial automation, robotic etc.