Abbottabad Campus

The Chancellor, UET, Peshawar inaugurated Abbottabad Campus in October, 2002, in the old premises of Ayub Medical College. Known for its natural beauty, better climatic conditions and a vast network of educational institutions, Abbottabad was ideally suited for such an institution of higher learning in applied sciences. A new girls hostel with a capacity to accommodate hundred students has been constructed at the campus.

Two Undergrade programs are offered in UET, Abbottabad Campus

Electronic engINEERING

The Department of Electronic Engineering is functioning in the main building of Abbottabad Campus, which is located in the heart of city surrounded by lush green lawns and tall trees. At the back ground, there is beautiful Mountainous view adding more grandeur to the campus.

Electronic Engineering is one of the fast growing disciplines having its applications in almost every field which include high speed data communication, automatic power system control devices, aerospace technology, computer hardware, industrial automation, robotic etc. Today's fast growing cellular  technology depends on Electronic Engineering.


Established in 2004, The Abbottabad Campus of University of Engineering and Technology,  Peshawar offers a five years (ten semesters) course to earn the Bachelor Degree in Architecture; B.Arch.

The Campus is located in the picturesque valley of Abbottabad surrounded by green hills ideal for academics and creativity. The Department of Architecture aims to prepare professionals who uphold traditions of great civilizations, ready to cope with contemporary needs, creating a skyline based on historical lessons, addressing the prevailing issues with a perception for the future challenges.

Enjoying the position of being at the gateway to Central Asia, the Department is determined to develop linkages with the Central Asian countries and to achieve an iconic position in the region for its innovative approach to technology and its collaborative vision.