Course-Based Master Degree

MSc with Mini Project instead of Research

A total of 36 credit hours (including 3 credit hours of Mini Project) are required for completion of Master degree. The 33 credit hours of course work shall include 18 credit hours of core courses. 3 credit hours of research methodology, and 12 credit hours from the relevant area of specialization.

The student may be permitted by the Head of the Department to register not more than 6 credit hours of courses within the University.


Ø  The student must aware of the fact that he/she will not be eligible for admission in PhD program at UET Peshawar, and possibly at other universities, on the basis of a course-based Master’s degree.

Ø  Once the University transfers enrollment status to the course-based program of a student, the decision shall be irreversible and the student will not make any request under any circumstances to transfer back to the research-based degree program.

Ø  The degree completion time will remain the same and switching to a course-based program shall in no way entail any extension in that deadline. Thus, the enrollment in the Master’s program will still be counted from the date of  initial enrollment and transfer to the course-based option will have no bearing on it.

Ø  Regardless of the current admission status, whether on open-merit or on rationalized fee basis of a student, he/she shall pay fees as applicable under the rationalized fee structure.

Instructions to follow for switching:

(note: these instructions are only for Admitted students.)

If you are still willing to switch to the course-based Master’s program, then please submit a duly notarized sworn statement on judicial stamp paper, as per sample given in below link, before starting of semester to the Chairman/Director of your department/institute.


1.Affidavit Sample Download

2. Permission Letter to be signed by the Chairman Download