MSc PhD Admissions

The Masters degree programme at University of Engineering and Technology shall extend over a period of at least four semesters. A total of 33 credit hours (including 27 credit hours of courses and 6 credit hours of research) are required to complete the Masters Degree Programme. The 27 credit hours of course work shall include a minimum of 18 credit hours from the core area of specialization and 3 credit hours of the course "Research Methodology". This course will be registered as credit course.


Atleast 50% marks in ETEA GAT (General) test is required to apply for admission in MSc. Candidates must also pass the departmental subject test.

Course-Based Master Degree

A total of 36 credit hours (including 3 credit hours of Mini Project) are required for completion of Master degree. The 33 credit hours of course work shall include 18 credit hours of core courses. 3 credit hours of research methodology, and 12 credit hours from the relevant area of specialization.

The student may be permitted by the Head of the Department to register not more than 6 credit hours of courses within the University.

Double Degree in Engineering

Candidates seeking admission in second discipline should have passed their first discipline by obtaining minimum 2.5 CGPA from any recognized Engineering University/College. However, they will be required to clear those subjects of B.Sc. Engineering that they have not studied in first discipline.