Cancellation of Admission

A bonafide student of this University may apply in person, or through parents/guardian, for cancellation of admission on a non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs.50/-, duly attested by an Oath Commissioner alongwith submitting Clearance Certificate. The Chairman of the concerned
department shall cancel the admission of the student.

Cancellation of admission in case of students admitted in other campuses of the University shall be done by the senior most Dean, Faculty of Engineering through Directorate of Admissions on the recommendation of the Chairman of Department concerned.

In case of Cancellation of Admission under Clauses 11.1, 11.2, a student can appeal for re-admission, to be considered by the Committee constituted for this purpose, within a period of one Academic year after the cancellation of admission. The recommendations of the committee shall be considered by Admission Committee for final decision.

In case the admission of 1st semester student is cancelled due to any reason, the rules regarding University fee/dues chargeable/refundable
mentioned on Page-72 of the prospectus 2020-21 will be applicable. Whereas in all other cases the University fees/dues will be charged up to the last semester attended.

Students seeking cancellation of admission will have to submit Clearance Certificate alongwith
other documents for admission cancellation.