Migration to UET

The Admission Committee shall, on payment of Rs.800,000/- (Rupees Eight hundred thousand only) in lump sum as migration fee, recommend admission on migration basis to a student within 15 days of the commencement of semester. The admission by migration shall be allowed from PEC accredited public sector Engineering University/College / Institute provided that;

10.1 The admission is possible in the same discipline.

10.2 The applicant is a bonafide student of public sector institution accredited by PEC, Islamabad or PEC recognized foreign institution/ university (in case of migration from abroad) where from he/she is seeking admission by migration.

10.8 (a) No migration shall be allowed in first, second, seventh and eighth semesters of B.Sc. Engineering.

(b) Not more than a maximum of 50% of credit hours required for the degree program should be transferred.

(c) Applicant for migration to a particular semester must have already studied and passed all courses equivalent to the courses taught in earlier semesters at this University with a minimum of CGPA of 2.00 with the exception of a maximum of two courses. If migration is allowed, the student must pass the deficient courses.