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First five (5) seats in Computer Systems Engineering (Peshawar), Industrial Engineering (Peshawar), Electrical Engineering (Kohat), Electronics Engineering (Abbottabad), Computer Science and Information Technology (Peshawar) and Architecture (Abbottabad) will be offered on subsidized basis as financial assistance based on aggregate score at the time of admission. However, the financial assistance for next three years each will […]

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Cancellation of Admission

11.1 CANCELLATION OF ADMISSION A bonafide student of this University may apply in person, or through parents/guardian, for cancellation of admission on a non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs.50/-, duly attested by an Oath Commissioner alongwith submitting Clearance Certificate. The Chairman of the concerned department shall cancel the admission of the student. 11.2 Cancellation of admission […]

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Migration to UET

10 ADMISSION BY MIGRATION The Admission Committee shall, on payment of Rs.800,000/- (Rupees Eight hundred thousand only) in lump sum as migration fee, recommend admission on migration basis to a student within 15 days of the commencement of semester. The admission by migration shall be allowed from PEC accredited public sector Engineering University/College / Institute […]

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