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UET Peshawar strives to provide admission related information to potential students. The Directorate of Admissions responds to various queries regarding selection of academic disciplines, admission schedule and important dates etc. The Directorate of Admissions is responsible for the student admissions information; provides specific and general information to prospective students round the year. 

B.Sc Undergraduate Section

Important Rules at glance


First five (5) seats in Computer Systems Engineering (Peshawar), Industrial Engineering (Peshawar), Electrical Engineering (Kohat), Electronics Engineering (Abbottabad), Computer Science and Information Technology (Peshawar) and Architecture (Abbottabad) will be offered on subsidized basis as financial assistance based on aggregate score at the time of admission. However, the financial assistance for next three years each will

Cancellation of Admission

11.1 CANCELLATION OF ADMISSION A bonafide student of this University may apply in person, or through parents/guardian, for cancellation of admission on a non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs.50/-, duly attested by an Oath Commissioner alongwith submitting Clearance Certificate. The Chairman of the concerned department shall cancel the admission of the student. 11.2 Cancellation of admission

Migration to UET

10 ADMISSION BY MIGRATION The Admission Committee shall, on payment of Rs.800,000/- (Rupees Eight hundred thousand only) in lump sum as migration fee, recommend admission on migration basis to a student within 15 days of the commencement of semester. The admission by migration shall be allowed from PEC accredited public sector Engineering University/College / Institute

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Reciprocal Remaining Seats Interview

Those who submitted reciprocal forms for B.Sc Engg admissions in other than KPK Universities/Colleges are hereby informed to visit Directorate of Admissions, UET, Peshawar for interview against the remaining seats (if interested) on Thursday 02-12-2021.

Students Enrollment statistics

Students Enrollment & Degrees Awarded AnnuallyBasic Enrolment (Gender-Wise) 2018-19 Applied B.Sc Admitted M.Sc Admitted Ph.D Admitted Male Female Male Female Male Female Male Female 2833 207 1404 84 438 38 14 02 Total:  3040 Total:  1488 Total:  476 Total:  16 Basic Enrolment (Gender-Wise) 2019-20 Applicants B.Sc Admitted M.Sc Admitted Ph.D Admitted Male Female Male Female

Undergraduate Prospectus 21

Click below button to download/read the latest Undergraduate Prospectus 2021. PROSPECTUS 21

ErstWhile FATA Seats for B.Sc

Female Admission Facilitation Policy

FEMALE ADMISSION FACILITATION POLICYTo encourage the female representation in the field of Science and Technology, the University of Engineering and Technology (Peshawar) had decided to incorporate the following actions, Formal tracking of application, entry, and graduation rate of female students and the data be provided on admissions webpage. Dedicated help desks to facilitate female applications

B.Sc Reserved Seats

Afghan Refugees Seats

53 seats have been reserved for Afghan Refugees. Nominations against these seats shall be made by the Afghan Commissionerate, KPK. Afghan refugees seeking admission against the above reserved quota must fulfill the eligibility requirements of atleast 60% unadjusted marks in intermediate (Pre-Engineering or equivalent examination). Candidates must appear in the ETEA Entrance Test.

ErstWhile FATA Seats for B.Sc

Balochistan Province

Balochistan Domicile holders Nominations against the six (6) seats of candidates shall be made by the Director of Colleges, Higher & Technical Education, Govt. of Balochistan, Quetta. The nominations against the five (5) seats in self-sustained Departments shall be made by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.

Sindh Province

Sindh Domicile holders candidates must contact Section Officer (C&PS Literacy), Government of Sindh, Education Department, Karachi. They will send nominations to UET Peshawar against the 5 reserved seats.

Punjab Province

Punjab Domicile holders candidates must contact Deputy Registrar, UET Lahore for Reciprocal forms. They will send nominations to UET Peshawar against the 10 reserved seats.

Azad Jammu & Kashmir

7 seats reserved for candidates belonging to AJK. Nomination shall be made by Nomination board of AJK

3 seats for OIC Countries

Reservation of 03 (Three) seats for OIC under Higher Education Commission scholarship program “Academic and Research Linkages Bilateral Agreement”

Sri Lankan Seats

Reservation of 05 (Five) seats for Sri Lankan Students under “Pak-Sri Lanka Higher Education cooperation Program”. Nomination against these seats shall be made by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.

BSc Non-subsidized Seats allocation 2021

BSc Seats Allocation 2021

Disabled Persons Seat

One (1) seat is reserved for KPK domicile holders.

Sports seats

Two (2) seats have been reserved on Gender-basis for the students of KPK.

Pak Air Force Seats

1 seat reserved

Pak Army Seats

3 seats

APS Shuhada Seats

1 seat in EEC

Gilgit Baltistan Seats

7 seats

Postgraduate MSc & PhD Section

Important Rules at glance

Semester Freezing

A student who wants to freeze a semester shall have to register in a “Zero Semester” subject to the following conditions: i. He/She will pay registration fee for the “Zero Semester” ii. He/She will apply within 15 days of start of the classes iii. He/She will be allowed to clear his/her subjects prior to “Zero

Late Fee : Semester Registration

Fees for a semester are payable at the beginning of each semester, on the date of registration. Late fee @ 0.025% will be charged per day from the students who failed to deposit the University dues/funds within due date for any reason. (pg 259)

Courses in other Departments

A student can take up to two courses being offered by Teaching Departments other than his own if so advised by the Academic Advisor/Chairman. The student shall be entitled for the credit of such courses. (Clause 1.13(b) Pg 263)

Transfer of Credits

In case of change of MS stream/admission in another stream of engineering or readmission, a maximum of six credits of the previous stream/admission may also be allowed if approved by the concerned PREC. (Clause 1.15 pg 264)

Cancellation of admission in case of Absenty

The admission of the student will be cancelled if he/she remains absent continuously for two semesters without freezing the semester. The student will be issued attended semesters transcript.

Course-Based Master Degree

A total of 36 credit hours (including 3 credit hours of Mini Project) are required for completion of Master degree. The 33 credit hours of course work shall include 18 credit hours of core courses. 3 credit hours of research methodology, and 12 credit hours from the relevant area of specialization. The student may be

Admission Criteria

Candidates seeking admission must score 50% minimum marks in GRE International type test or GAT (General) organized by University Appointed Testing Authority (UATA) i.e. ETEA. Candidates shall have to pass departmental subject and UATA test with at least 50% marks. Final merit shall be made based on the combined results of UATA marks and the

Research Based Master Degree

The Master’s degree programme at University of Engineering and Technology shall extend over a period of at least four semesters. A total of 33 credit hours (including 27 credit hours of courses and 6 credit hours of research) are required to complete the Master’s Degree Programme. The 27 credit hours of course work shall include

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